Terms and Conditions
In order to ensure a better understanding of the content of this agreement, the following terms are defined for the service provided: a) "Tracking number" is the track and trace number that transport logistics providers register to shipments for their location and knowledge of the route and transfer process; b) "USPS" is the abbreviation in English of the Postal Service of the United States of America; c) "TSA" is the abbreviation in English of the Transportation Security Administration, which is the department that created the Department of State Security of the United States of America; d) "Customs Clearance" is the process before the Customs authorities through which goods or products are declared for purposes of duties and tax payment and import or export records between countries; e) "Miami Warehouse" or "Reception warehouse in Miami" is the physical place with valid postal address in which the goods or products are consigned by the buyers so that the suppliers, distributors or carriers for their delivery and subsequent storage, consolidation, preparation, packing and dispatch to its final destination; f) "QSTrack®" as a system is a proprietary software of Quick Shipping which have use rights protected, whereby customers have the registry of all transactions and process of the supply chain of their products or merchandise; g) "QSTrack®" as an application is a tool through which the users authorized by the clients have access to the instructions, authorization of movements, loading and unloading of documents and all the processes of the supply chain; h) "website", web page, electronic page, digital page or cyberpage is a document or electronic information capable of containing text, sound, videos, programs, links, images and many other things, adapted for the so-called world wide web, www, and that can be accessed through an internet browser; i) "chat" is a text messaging system, of images, graphics or files that transfer relevant information to customers related to the supply chain of their products or merchandise. ACCEPTANCE AND OBLIGATORY. THE ACCESS, NAVIGATION OR USE OF THE SITE www.quickshipping.com IMPLIES YOUR ACCEPTANCE IN ALL THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT AND ITS CONTENTS., denominated in this document as THE COMPANY, is representative in of QUICK SHIPPING, and provides its clients with logistic services for the handling of imports and exports, transport of courier or priority air cargo, reserved air cargo, cargo maritime consolidated, cargo in full containers, customs services, local transport, home delivery and other complementary services related to the logistics chain. It includes, but is not limited to the reception, labeling, classification, transportation, customs clearing, payment of taxes, delivery of products and shipments to their destination. The client is provided with the necessary technology, systems, applications and solutions so that the purchase process is simplified for the user. The client authorizes THE COMPANY to charge for its account or on account of QUICK SHIPPING, the services received and payments made on its behalf in accordance with the payment methods defined in the user's profile at the time of registration in THE COMPANY system. Likewise, the client authorizes THE COMPANY by this same means to charge direct and / or indirect charges related to the handling of its products, such as: customs taxes, value added taxes (VAT), storage, special handling, repackaging , weight, volume and any other charge generated by the sending of your packages. CUSTOMERS RESPONSIBILITY. THE COMPANY provides the service by accepting the terms and conditions described for which it grants a single account on behalf of the client, who will be responsible for maintaining confidentiality or their respective account number and private access code, as well as restricting the access to your computer; accepts all responsibility for all activities that occur in the account or with the access code that is provided, freeing THE COMPANY from any responsibility for the improper use thereof. THE COMPANY does not sign contracts or sell them to minors; the subscription of an account applies to adults only, who will support their commitments for payments by credit card online or other means of payment allowed. QUICK SHIPPING has the certifications and operating permits both in the United States of America and in the destination countries where the purchases of its CLIENTS are sent. In order to comply with the above, the client accepts and assumes responsibility for legal and accurate information about your name, address, telephone numbers, email and payment information when necessary. The Client who contracts the services of THE COMPANY, accepts: a) To review and inspect all consignments and packages consigned in his name. b) Allow the United States of America Customs authorities to verify, inspect and confiscate prohibited articles. In addition, the Client understands that QUICK SHIPPING respects and complies with United States of America safety regulations when processing and preparing material to be shipped by air, including transportation of Dangerous Goods, which may incur additional costs. c) Do not send restricted or prohibited articles such as those included in www.quickshipping.com/articulosrestringidos This list is determined by both the restrictions and regulations of the United States of America, exports, and restrictions and regulations on imports. of the destination countries. d) Guarantee payment for the processing of additional permits required by current legislation on imports or exports of specific items, as required by the customs and tax authorities. e) Add your customer code to the account in the name and address fields before the supplier, otherwise the COMPANY can not assume any responsibility for the control, tracking and delivery of the shipment or shipment. f) Consign their shipments or packages and send them to the physical warehouse in the United States of America and provide or upload a scan, photograph or image file with the purchase invoice of the product in process; This documentation must be received before it is dispatched from the warehouse in Miami and thus instructs and authorizes THE COMPANY, to declare the value and description of the product sent so that the declaration and calculation of customs taxes is recorded . If you do not have this documentation, the Client authorizes THE COMPANY to request or obtain from the supplier the reference prices that cover the purchase, this may generate an extra charge to your final invoice. g) In accordance with the regulations of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the United States of America, THE COMPANY will use the physical documentation that accompanies the products or that are provided by the customer. The customer is solely responsible for paying any taxes, fees, charges or fines imposed by the customs authorities that arise as a result of an incorrect declaration of value, or any penalty charged by those authorities for providing information that does not correspond as much in its declared value as to the type of merchandise, which may eventually have a prohibition on shipping or regulation of special handling; the definition, description that is provided by the client, releases the COMPANY from any responsibility. THE COMPANY, to receive products sent by the United States postal service, is required to comply with all USPS regulations. The Client undertakes to pay for any special handling required by this postal organization in the United States of America. LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY. THE COMPANY is not responsible for any additional charges made by any financial institution or payment platform chosen by The Client to buy the products or merchandise that are consigned to the address provided by THE COMPANY; This includes, but is not limited to, interest accrued on used credit cards and whose delivery exceeds the normal collection cycle. Additionally, THE COMPANY will not be responsible for any fee or charge applied by the payment platform for making international transactions. THE COMPANY does not assume any kind of civil or economic responsibility for those deviations in the level of service caused by issues that come totally out of THE COMPANY own control, including a) climatic events that interrupt routes, ports, airports, accesses, cargo terminals ; b) strikes or stoppages of transportation; c) change of fiscal, legal or regulatory conditions in the legislations of the countries of origin, destination or transit; d) other causes of force majeure. COMMUNICATION. Using the related website, the chat function or sending emails or messages, implies for the customer the means of communication with THE COMPANY, and therefore accepts to receive electronic communications from THE COMPANY. The client accepts all the agreements, news, notices and any other type of communication sent to him electronically, which satisfy any legal requirement that said communication be sent in writing. CANCELLATION. THE COMPANY reserves the right to cancel any order or contract under its own discretion or regulation of customs, tax or similar authorities. Any service order that is canceled will be reimbursed up to a maximum of the value canceled for the required service. Canceled orders will be notified through the email provided by the client in their profile. When the Customer Order is received, the Customer Service department may request additional information or documentation to confirm your identity, address, payment method or invoices that support the purchase. RECEPTION AND PRODUCTS AND MERCHANDISE HANDLING. When receiving shipments in the reception warehouse in Miami, each tracking number is backed by a warehouse receipt which includes the weight and dimensions data and description of the merchandise. received. THE COMPANY reserves the right to refuse the receipt of shipments, if it is proven that they have been opened, handled or damaged before arriving at the warehouse in Miami, United States of America. In any case this eventuality is reported to the client to receive from him, the instructions on how to proceed. THE COMPANY does not transport cash, drugs or other articles prohibited by the legislation of the countries in which it operates, so that the Client releases the COMPANY from any liability for the malicious use of the service provided. THE COMPANY will report without any responsibility on its part, any transgression to the corresponding governmental authorities. Shipments may be held at the address of Miami of the United States of America, for up to forty-five days due to, but not limited to, accounts that have not been paid, non-payment, additional preparation for the shipping process, or receipt of shipments with errors in the customer's name, address and / or request. THE COMPANY reserves the right to destroy or dispose, at its own discretion and without any responsibility on its part, any shipment that has not been claimed or that has been stored for more than forty-five days at the consigned address of the wineries in United States, indicated by THE COMPANY. THE COMPANY transports the shipments from the address in Miami of the United States of America to the final address requested by the client, providing the complementary services that facilitate the delivery to the client in their facilities (these may include, support in customs procedures, delivery to address, others These services are charged according to the Table of Rates agreed with the manager of your account and that the client is obliged to consult. RATES. THE COMPANY offers customers to pay for their services according to the negotiation agreed with their officer. The charge of pounds or kilos per package, without exception, will be approximated based on the next upper unit for any of the rates offered. THE COMPANY reserves the right to modify its rates when necessary and without prior notice, according to market conditions, charges by the carriers for variations in fuel prices, prices of suppliers or other direct element that impacts the costs. RETURNS, NEW PURCHASES & CLAIMS: THE COMPANY offers the service of returns, at a preferential cost, which may be required to your interest and description of the incident. It must be necessarily accompanied with the returns with the RMA, Return Merchandise Authorization, issued and sent by the Supplier. RESTRICTED ARTICLES. THE COMPANY does not accept any responsibility based on the list of restricted items. TIME OFFERED. THE COMPANY offers a service with established times such as those included in www.quickshipping.com/QSLogistics/Tools/frequencies; which include the time of transfer from Miami warehouse to the warehouse at destination indicated by THE COMPANY. This time is subject to the reception of the merchandise before the cut off time. DELIVERY. THE COMPANY has the logistics infrastructure to deliver shipments with charge, at the address or address requested by the client. If the shipment is already en route or is within a branch and the client wishes to change it, he should contact the customer service department THE COMPANY to carry out the necessary management. DEFINITION OF WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS. All merchandise and products received from customers in the Miami warehouse are taken according to their greater weight. The volumetric or dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying the 3 measurements (width, length and height in inches) and dividing by 166 the dimensional pounds are obtained. GUARANTEES, PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY CLAUSE. The services of THE COMPANY and all other information, content, material, products, including the website and software, and other services included and / or placed at your disposal through the services of THE COMPANY, are offered "as is" and "According to availability" unless otherwise indicated in writte. THE COMPANY does not provide representation or warranty, expressly or implicitly, with respect to the operation of the carriers involved in the logistics process, the content materials, the products (including the website and the software) or any other material available through the Services of THE COMPANY, unless otherwise indicated in writing. Due to the importance that the client's privacy has for THE COMPANY, the website www.quickshipping.com operates under basic principles that can, from time to time, change to adapt to the changing nature of technological means. It is recommended to consult them periodically. THE COMPANY will request information from the company or client's account as part of the registration process. This information, which includes your name or business name, email address, will be used to provide you with a unique account number, which identifies you as a user of the services. THE COMPANY conducts surveys and communications with customers in order to assess the satisfaction of customers in terms of the services provided. THE COMPANY will allow you to review and verify that this information is correct and the most recent and at the same time inform the clinicians about the new services and products. THE COMPANY may use cookies to control and store the individual data of each client. The customer has the option to accept or reject cookies when changing the preferences of their browser. The client can reprogram his browser so that he does not accept cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent to his computer. If the client chooses not to accept cookies, his experience when visiting the website of THE COMPANY may be diminished and some of the services and options may not work with its full functionality. THE COMPANY uses advanced technology for the protection of customer information; Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, encrypt, encrypt and prevent the interception of information provided by the Internet, including credit card numbers and email addresses. The privacy and consent policies for the use of data allow clients to make informed decisions about their private information. SPECIAL CLAUSES ABOUT THE USE OF QSTRACK SOFTWARE FIRST: The client can access the QSTRACK system, which QUICK SHIPPING owns, and its use and applications are subject to the following principles: BACKGROUND. I, THE USER, state that to know that the rights to use the application QSTRACK belong to the entity that provides the loading service. SECOND: about THE SOFTWARE. I, the USER, hereby accept the conditions of USE provided by the holder of the Software Rights of the software named QSTRACK, hereinafter interchangeably referred to as “THE APPLICATION”, upon the terms that the said holder has established and so decides in the future, understanding that the Application is a value added to the main loading service, and its conditions of use are only defined by the holder of the rights thereof. The Application meets the following features: a) Being a tool that manages processes and digital documentation, locating and recording the progress of each transaction that is executed, detailing the operating process and identifying the people who participate in it; b) Providing the instructions of handling or processes which shall consist of merchandise dispatch, providing a specialized flow to keep the track of the movement of the merchandise and its real location until it reaches its final destination; c) Complying with an entry to the warehouse that shall enable a correct registration of the entries to a specific distribution center, as well as the exit of merchandise from a specific warehouse; d) Enabling the USER to have a space for purchase registration for its suppliers and determining the effectiveness of each specific provider; e) Keeping statistics of incidences that may have a shipment or a certain type of commercial transaction; f) Providing a log that details the stages of the process of a merchandise, from its port of origin to its final destination; g) Generating a record of observations that specify the final annotations of each flow or transaction; h) Recording attachments to each of the transactions, so as to centralize the references and that these are available to the USER; i) Enabling viewing and downloading basic transaction reports; j) Creating customizable types of profiles. THIRD: COSTS PER USE. The cost of this agreement shall be determined by the holder of the rights of the Application, which shall be duly accepted by the USER. FOURTH: TERM AND TERMINATION. The parties agree that the term of this agreement shall be determined by the holder of the rights of use of the Application, and its use may be revoked by the OWNER unilaterally and without liability at any time. The suspension or cessation in the use of the Application shall not raise any responsibility on the part of the holder of the rights of the Application called "QSTRACK". The USER accepts that during the term of this agreement, the holder of the rights of the Application may access internal information of the client without any responsibility for the use of such information, as it shall only be used within the "QSTRACK" application. FIFTH: PROHIBITIONS. I, THE USER, state to be aware of the prohibition to use the software called "QSTRACK" for a purpose other than the one established herein or defined by the entity that owns the rights thereof. SIXTH: CONFLICT RESOLUTION: THE USER waives the jurisdiction of his/her domicile and submits to the courts of justice chosen by THE OWNER in the event of any action to which he/she is entitled under this instrument or the law, subject to the procedure established by the Civil Procedure and Commercial Code, and indicates as a special address for the fulfillment of this obligation and to receive notices, the registered office; USER is compelled to notify of any change of address, and failure to do so, he/she accepts as valid all notices sent to the stated address. SEVENTH: CONFIDENTIALITY. I, THE USER, undertake not to disclose the terms herein or the commercial relationship. All information that I, THE USER, obtain, that is directly or indirectly related to THE OWNER, whether disclosed or not disclosed, shall be provided to me and received by me, under the guarantee of confidentiality; therefore, it shall be held and classified as confidential, exclusive, reserved or equivalent, and in the event of undisclosed information susceptible of being transmitted to third parties, it shall be considered as business secret. After permanently concluding my business relationship, I, THE USER, shall not be able to use the related information. For the copy, reproduction and disclosure of the information, by any means, the prior authorization in writing of the OWNER shall always be required, without exception. EIGHTH: COPYRIGHTS, INTELLECTUAL AND INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY: All computer, graphic, advertising, multimedia, audiovisual and design material, brands, logos, trade names and any other distinctive sign and other elements of industrial or intellectual property, as well as all contents, texts, and data made available in this Application, are the exclusive property of the entity that provides the loading service. All the contents published in the Application are protected by copyright and industrial property regulations, and by all applicable local and international regulations. Any act of copying, reproduction, modification, creation of derivative works, sale or distribution, exhibition of the contents published in the Application is forbidden. This agreement does not confer rights, licenses or authorizations whatsoever to perform the acts previously prohibited. Any unauthorized use of the contents shall constitute breach of this agreement and of the valid rules on copyright and industrial property, and any other applicable. NINTH: ACCEPTANCE: By accepting and pressing the link labeled "OK", THE USER accepts to have read and understood this software use agreement, as well as the terms and conditions herein; moreover, THE USER accepts that when using any service contained in the aforementioned Application, USER shall be subject to the rules, guidelines, policies, terms and conditions applicable to said Application.